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Welcome to Ken Bobko Electric

img001Welcome to Ken Bobko Electric where our primary goal is to make your electrical project as successful as possible. We take all aspects of your electrical project into consideration prior to starting work. We firmly believe prior planning makes for a complete project done economical, safely and in a timely manner. We believe in doing a project correctly the first time and only one time.

We do work in hospitals and medical clinics, larger retail stores and industrial locations. We have experience with modifications to existing systems, doing both small and large remodels along with  new projects out of the ground. We specialize in electrical work that is out of the norm. We have electricians on our staff not just installers.

If you have a commercial or industrial project that requires a focused, dedicated and motivated electrical contractor please contact us.

About Ken Bobko Electric

Ken Bobko Electric was started as a sole proprietor in 1982 with the owner as the only employee. It has grown to a company that has had a peak manpower level of 33 field employees. Our staff currently consists of a hands on President, Vice President and project manager. Our core field staff is comprised of ten individuals. While most of our employees have over 5 years with our company there are some that have over ten years. The “newest” employee has been with us for two years. A large part of our staff were hired as 1 year apprentices. We train them well so their success is our success.